• Pownce

    Date: 2007.08.25 | Posted by | Category: Blogging, Geeking, Tech'd Out | Response: 0

    I’m a little late on the draw here (like always) but I’m just checking out Pownce and I have to say it’s pretty damn cool. It’s like an instant bulletin board where you can put up messages, files, events and links to groups or single friends. I know you’re thinking “Can’t I do this with an IM?” and the answer is yes, but then you have to send the file to each of them. This uploads it to the Pownce server and allows them to just click and open it, much better.

    The way I see it, it can be used as a whiteboard and simply throw just out for people to remember/do/see. Works better than posting a million and one “hey look at this url!” entries when you really only feel like targeting it at certain people. It’s currently still in Beta so requires an invite, hit me up in the comments if you want one.