• Snorbufar: The Site

    Date: 2008.08.05 | Posted by | Category: Blogging, Site Related | Response: 0

    Through pressure from GoDaddy (and just plain good timing) I decided today to open SnorBuFar, another site created by yours truely.

    As said in the previous post referring to this, SnorBuFar is randomness at it’s finest and that is what the site is. Instead of be spewing out random thoughts that are in my head and whatever links I happen to think are cool that I’m surfing at the time here (and making this look far too much like a journal) I’ll put them over there. This site will remain for the logical stuff that I actually think two seconds about before posting.

    Snorbufar will be similar to some other ‘micro blogging’ sites, but the difference is I’m going to open this to the public. Whoever wants to sign up can do so, and post what they wish (with a few exceptions listed in the FAQs). There is no organization, I don’t care what you post, just whatever needs to leave your head and go on the internet it’s there. Hopefully, this will become a huge mess of links, thoughts and other. The bigger the mess, the better.

    So feel free to check it out and give it a go, I’ll be harassing people to try it for awhile.