• US Department of Justice hates penguins

    Date: 2007.08.27 | Posted by | Category: Entertainment Misc, Tech'd Out | Response: 0

    I might not be up to date on international rules and regulations, but isn’t this kind of treatment prohibited by the Geneva Conventions?

    sk0t was informed by his Probation Officer that he has to have special software installed on his PC so that the government can monitor his online activities. However, what is a more bitter pill to swallow for him is that the monitoring software is Windows only and as sk0t is an Ubuntu user, the Justice Department is forcing him to switch operating systems.

    I’d honestly hate to be this guy. Though the fact that he got charged for uploading Star Wars: Episode III he had it coming. Who in their right mind would want to make other people watch such a horrible movie? I might still have windows installed out of laziness (and that my burner won’t work to burn off Ubuntu), but to force somebody to use windows is just cruel. They should just castrate him and put him out to pasture instead, it will have the same effect.

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