• New Site: Player Versus!

    Date: 2011.09.02 | Posted by | Category: Gaming, Site Related | Response: 0

    I didn’t lie, this post is sooner than the gap between the last posts. Sort of.

    I come to you today to announce Player Versus, a World of Warcraft / Gaming blog. Unlike I R Blogging this will be a more dedicated blog to a subject, where as currently I R Blogging is just whatever I want to talk about. We do this not to make you subscribe or read another page, but to direct more of a focus. Some may care about my gaming views, but couldn’t care less about everything else.

    In the near future (possibly tomorrow) I’ll also be putting up some posts on 122 Review, our blog where we give things either 122 minutes (Two hours, Two Minutes) of our time, or a 122 variant (such as 122 pages of a book). Unfortunately, it died pretty quickly when it was first launched. However, we have some half-written posts that should get the chance to see the light (even if they go unread). I encourage you to keep an eye out there.

    I’ll also be attempting to update the sites to post on My Twitter account when a new post is published. Following me there may be the best bet if you don’t feel like subscribing to all the other sites.

    Fret not about I R Blogging, it will still be used for posts that don’t fit elsewhere. It will likely be about updates that we have or rants. If you like that, then stay tuned, because I’m sure something will provoke another rant.