• FlyScreen [App]

    Date: 2010.04.15 | Posted by | Category: Gadgets & Mobile | Response: 0

    Fly Screen is a new type of App, that is located in a place that not many app developers fear to go: The lock screen.

    What Fly Screen does is allow you to put widgets on your lock screen, to save you time from having to unlock your phone, go to the screen with the widget on it, then see what you wanted to see. Right now there is built in access to e-mail, text messages, twitter, facebook, foursquare and many news sites. You can also add native android widgets.

    I love the idea, but it could still use some work. They are heading in the right direction though which is important. I’d like to see them implement this but then put a password protection on the lock/options. This way you can give your phone to somebody else to listen to music, or surf the net without worrying about them reading your e-mails.


    • Can make use of the empty space on the lock screen and fill it with stuff.
    • Haven’t seen this done much before.
      Can be better:

    • Can only put one widget on each screen. I’d like to be able to put my music player, bluetooth on/off and volume on the same screen.
    • Loads a little slow, as it seems to load my default lock, then switch each time.

    Fly Screen is available for Android (1.6 and higher) in the market, as well as Symbian (Nokia).