• Review: Motorola Milestone

    Date: 2010.03.04 | Posted by | Category: Gadgets & Mobile | Response: 0

    It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good phone that I can call smart. My last quality phone as the HTC S640 running Windows 6.1, so that’s not saying much.
    telus milestone motorola android I decided to pick up the new Telus Motorola Milestone. It’s a pretty awesome looking phone right out of the box, seems sturdy. It has a huge 3.7″ WVGA multi-touch screen, with a slide out keyboard.

    The Milestone is running Android version 2.0.1, which is hella-fast. It honestly feel like pure power in your hand *Tim Taylor grunt*. Compared to the other interfaces I’ve used on phones, I’m loving the customization options that come with Android. The click, drop and drag is pretty. I’m using DxTop as my Home replacement right now. It gives an extra bar at the bottom for running and recently opened processes, and gives it a nice look at that. Compared to the other home repleacements (such as open home, panda home, or sweeter home) I find it also leaves the system running smoothly, without lag when I jump back home. I’m quite the fan.

    As a newbie to actual Android use as a whole, I’m finding that there really is an app for everything. Right now my top apps are Astrid, Personal Assistant Free, Asurion Address book, Shop Savvy, Fring, Adobe Photoshop Mobile, Shazam, Slacker Radio, Urban Spoon, Where’s my droid, WordPress mobile. I’m not going to go into everything (right now), but I’ve yet to find a realistic thing my phone can’t do.

    It’s running on Telus’ 3G network, which has pretty good speeds. I’m not seeing a huge differences between that and my wi-fi. Though I will say that Telus’ data plans leave something to be desired, $50 for 500mb isn’t too great.

    If there was anything to complain about, it’s that the App Market is still limited to free apps. According to some reports, we’re supposed to be getting access to the paid apps soon, so it may not be all bad.

    An update I just read today is that Motorola purposely made the Milestone difficult to root, which I find is retarded. I’m dissapointed that I’ve gone out and paid full retail price for this phone, and now need to hope that it eventually can be rooted. Oh well, still a great phone.