• Google I/O Keynotes: Day 2

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    *Edit: For some reason or another, I never ended up posting this. Sorry folks*

    day 2

    Some Quick facts were given about Android to set up the love. Android has been around for 18 months, and is up to 100k new activations around the world a day

    Android devices cound for the #2 highest selling smartphones in the United States. This is second only to RIM (B;ackberry). That’s Right, Android > iPhone.. Though #2 in sales, it is the leading platform used for web access by more than 30%.

    At the time of this post, there is also more than 50k apps on the Android market. At the increase rate the past few months, it will surpass Apple before the year is out.

    And then comes FROYO!

    This release will have JIT integrated, making it 2x to 3x faster than 2.1

    Google has also improved dramatically on how you transfer from your computer. This means a new ‘Browser to phone intent’, not just push using cloud computing with your Google account. This means you send it from your PC with 1 click Iinstead of then getting an address to go to on yourr phone, it will load whatever you send, as it was on your PC. For example, google maps on the PC will automatically load the map on your phone using Navigator. The speaker made a great shot at iphones having to sync with itunes here

    Turning your Android device into a portable hotspot and tethering will also be built in when Froyo is released. This will prove intersting as many carriers frown upon, or even lie to customers, about the current tethering abilities.

    To solve the memory issue when having tons of apps, Froyo will have the ability to save apps to SD card. The System can automatically determine based on space left on phone, or you can move apps manually.

    The Android market will also get some new tricks. Froyo will give you an ‘update all’ option for installed apps, and an ‘auto update’; allowing a Set it and forget it mindset.

    Starting. With Froyo, the market will also be viewable on your PC. You’ll be able to use the ‘magic of the internet’ and android intents to start the download on the phone, from your PC aswell. Time to ditch some cords.

    The marketplace will also see a new music category. In addition, plugins are developed to let you stream you PC library to your phone using the cloud, which will up space on the SD card.


    – Released Fall 2010

    – Marketplace OTA Summer 2011

    – Open Source Fall 2011

    – Will run on Android, have google chrome and full 10.1 flash

    – Will be able to access the Android market, and run mobile apps (not device dependant). Coming Summer 2011

    -Will be an open platform. Android and Chrome trees to become open source in fall 2011

    — Redid listen App, now works with pod casts, video casts and subscribed channels on GTV

    – Merged TV Closed Captaion and google Translate for over 14 languages instantly

    – Integrated Speech top TV searching and communicating Via Android device

    – Android device works as remote control

    – Wifi, HDMI and Intel atom inside

    – Search Bar searchs TV, Apps, Web, Listen and other streaming forms (fox, hulu, amazon)

    – Has a suggested Viewing option, recommended shows on TV, and those on teh web based on what you’ve watched

    Integrated netflicks

    Available at Best Buy