• Habithack: Sandy

    Date: 2007.10.29 | Posted by | Category: Geeking, Habit Hack | Response: 0

    I recently stumbled upon a great service called Sandy. Sandy is your own personal assistant, without the need to actually pay her. The system is fairly simple, send an email to Sandy (you’ll get the address to send it to when you sign up) and say something like “Remember Mags can’t eat tomatoes” or “Remember that Del is a newb” and she’ll remember it for you. At the end of the week, she’ll send you a list of things you told her to remember. You can also use the remind feature (I love this) where you say something like “Remind me tomorrow at 8:00 to watch reaper” or “Remind me a week from now to tell Cheryl I lost” and she’ll tell you 15 minutes before the time of the reminder through email or sms.

    The service is pretty neat, though not sure how useful it truly is. It’s fun to think you’re telling somebody to remember stuff, but for the most part it’s just as easy to set up a reminder to yourself about stuff like this. It’s still totally fun none the less and makes you feel important though, I’m just waiting for the ‘bring me coffee’ function.