• Like, what is it?

    Date: 2003.07.18 | Posted by | Category: Ze Authors | Response: 0

    Well, today I got up around 1:00, and watched TV until now, 7:30. Very exciting. Actually, I watched a bunch of movies on VU!, I’ve now seen every shit movie on the market. James Bond even sucks now; what is out world coming to? Oh well.

    Anyways, I was lying awake at like 4am this morning thinking to myself “Jeff, your blog needs something to atract people to your blog, your life is boring.” So, I’m taking a shot in the dark here and am going to start a what is it on here.

    The game will work like this: Everyday (or maybe every other day) I’m going to take a picture and draw the shadow of it (or just find a weird item) and put the picture up on here. You readers, should you choose to except it, simply put in your guesses at it by posting in the comments. Whomever gets it will win…something or other; I haven’t got that yet. Feel free to post any questions if I’m that bad at explaining.

    So here’s a very easy picture for today, but don’t expect all the pictures to be this easy. Oh, and I’ll show the answers the next day.